Nutrient Interactions, Red Meat, and “Dinobesity”?

Background Back from vacation and cramming for my 2nd TEDx (I’ll share the link when it’s ready in a few weeks), I decided to make up for lost blogging time with an extra long post for you to chew on.  I included a bonus section dedicated to my former dinosaur loving twin sons….they claim they’re not into them any more, but I’m in denial since I refuse to let them grow up.  It is a somewhat graphic, but memorable way


Parents…Save Our Children!

Introduction This post is a call to action to anyone responsible in some way for a child’s health (parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, nanny, teacher, etc.) and comes on the heels of our live children’s event this coming Sunday 3/15 from 2-5p. See here for details. The post below is excerpted from my book and was also featured in India Currents. We’ll cover more specific children’s topics in future posts like what to do with abnormal cholesterol in kids.  Shally (pediatrician

Cheerful Indian Teenager Boy and Girl Student with Mathematics P

How Do You Eat? A Key Factor in Optimal Nutrition

Digestion Under Stress I’ve talked a lot in my book and blog about the effects of stress on heart disease risk, sleep and obesity, but I want to focus in this post about the effects of stress on digestion (how well our body breaks down food) and nutrient absorption (how well our body absorbs nutrients from inside the intestine, so it’s delivered to our body’s cells).  Stress may be one of the most important barriers between the nutrients you are

Fast food break

Introducing our First “Healthy Hero”

Healthy Hero Series It’s time to start sharing some remarkable success stories from individuals who have read the book, follow the blog and/or have seen me in the clinic.  For those of you on the fence about whether you should adopt the SAHS (South Asian Health Solution) lifestyle, I hope hearing from some folks who have found success despite facing similar challenges to you will be inspiring.  Whether you are a sedentary, vegetarian engineer stuck in a cubicle all day


Prescription Food Series Debut: Introducing “Paleo Naan”

Background Before I talk about the highly anticipated Paleo Naan, let me give you a little background since this is the first post of my new prescription food series.  As a physician, I’ve spent a large part of my career writing prescriptions for drugs.  Unfortunately that was the primary weapon and skill I was equipped with during medical training.  I spent only a few weeks out of four years of medical school learning about nutrition and most of that was

Yellow Rx Sign

What Was The Unhealthiest Food I Ate In India?

Background I just returned from a 10 day trip to Kolkata, India to celebrate my cousin’s wedding.  My last trip to Kolkata was 5 years ago and although I’ve written a book focusing on South Asian health, I made a commitment to restrain myself from offering abundant amounts of health advice and feeling guilty about delicacies I was sure to indulge in during the 4 day wedding festivities.  I did well until the end when I just couldn’t tolerate one

wheat bread


I already discussed in a prior post why I don’t like the word “resolution” which tends to set people up for inevitable failure.  I discussed using the word “habit” instead, but this year I’m talking about “shifts.”   Shifts are simplistic changes and substitutions you can make that require little to no effort or time. My book recommends several shifts to improve nutrition, activity, sleep and stress and I want to highlight a few to get you shifting towards optimal health

Shift Gears

Equating Cancer Risk With Heart Disease Risk and How to Prevent Cancer

Background Insulin resistance and obesity have been linked to conditions like diabetes and heart disease, but too few of us are making the connection with cancer.  In my consult practice I see patients at high risk for heart disease, but it’s important to understand that the same lifestyle risks that raise heart attack risk are responsible for raising cancer risk as well. People have very different emotional reactions to heart disease and cancer.  Heart attacks are usually an abrupt, instantaneous

Cancer Animation

A Must Have Food App for Adults and Kids

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at TEDx and the opportunity to lecture to some of the biggest companies in the world on a multitude of health topics, but last week I gave what I felt was the most challenging, yet rewarding lecture of my life.  I spoke to the 5th grade classes for my twin sons, covering carbohydrates, insulin resistance and nutrition.  I prepped hard for this one.  How could I possibly engage a group of 5th graders for

food app

Solar Power and Vitamin D

Let There Be Sun I’ve talked in great detail about the role of a sedentary lifestyle and a carb-centric diet in the pathogenesis of insulin resistance, but what about the role of sunlight and vitamin D?  One of my interests is trying to uncover why the global burden of insulin resistance weighs so heavily on the shoulders of certain ethnic groups such as South Asians when the whole world is eating unhealthier and is so much more inactive.  Studies have


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