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I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at TEDx and the opportunity to lecture to some of the biggest companies in the world on a multitude of health topics, but last week I gave what I felt was the most challenging, yet rewarding lecture of my life.  I spoke to the 5th grade classes for my twin sons, covering carbohydrates, insulin resistance and nutrition.  I prepped hard for this one.  How could I possibly engage a group of 5th graders for

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Solar Power and Vitamin D

Let There Be Sun I’ve talked in great detail about the role of a sedentary lifestyle and a carb-centric diet in the pathogenesis of insulin resistance, but what about the role of sunlight and vitamin D?  One of my interests is trying to uncover why the global burden of insulin resistance weighs so heavily on the shoulders of certain ethnic groups such as South Asians when the whole world is eating unhealthier and is so much more inactive.  Studies have


Is Full-Fat Dairy Ok?

Background The latest study on dairy fat once again confirms that instead of pointing our finger at the full-fat milk in that cereal bowl, it’s the so-called healthy whole grain cereal or the glass of orange juice on the side we need to shift our focus to as the real culprit behind diabetes and heart disease.  This study actually showed a reduction in diabetes risk in the individuals who consumed more dairy fat.  I have a large number of insulin resistant vegetarian


Carb Trafficking, Body Fat Storage, and Insulin Resistance

SOME BACKGROUND After taking a bit of a hiatus over the summer from writing posts, I’m now back with a vengeance delivering this detailed post on carb trafficking and insulin resistance.  Whenever applicable, I’m going to end my posts with a Children’s Corner section reflecting the experience of my wife Shally (a pediatrician), who works on the front lines of treating children with obesity and insulin resistant disorders. Insulin resistance is an incredibly complex concept which is influenced by countless factors

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What Color Is Your Fat?

I’ll Have The Brown Fat Please If you think that all fat cells are inert, metabolically inactive storage containers that swell up with triglycerides, especially when we overindulge in carbohydrates, think again.  The two major types of fat produced by our body are brown and white fat.  White fat is relatively inert and fits our traditional impression of fat cells as inactive fat storage depots that make us fat, but brown fat cells are actually calorie-burning metabolic machines. What’s the


Our Ancestors Didn’t Need Dental Check Ups, But You Do (Guest Post)

I wanted to introduce my good friend Dr.Mark Burhenne, accomplished dentist who runs the wonderful blog, Ask The Dentist.  He has kindly authored the following post which discusses the link between our loss of oral bacterial diversity with dental and chronic inflammatory disease.  Mark sees a large number of South Asian patients in his clinic and has noted significant periodontal disease which may be a trigger for inflammation, the process linked to multiple chronic health conditions, including heart disease.  

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Are We Aging Faster?

Our modern lifestyles have turned chronological age into a virtually insignificant number.  Aging is not just the number of years you’ve inhabited planet Earth, but rather the degree of wear and tear your body, brain, and vital organs are expressing at a given point in time.  When I came out of medical training and started practicing in Southern California, I could easily estimate how old my patients were by looking at them since many of them were working jobs involving


See This Movie

FED UP: The Movie If a picture is worth a thousand words, a movie is worth even more.  I encourage you to not walk, but run and see the movie FED UP, playing in movie theaters, which highlights the insidious, corporate-driven forces behind our current obesity epidemic.  I saw this with my wife and two children and even though we are passionate and knowledgeable about nutrition, the impression this movie left motivated us to take our healthy choices to another


Can Stress Trigger Disease in Otherwise Healthy Individuals?

The connection between stress, inflammation and chronic disease has become quite clear to me in my practice.  Let’s talk about a patient of mine (name and details changed) to illustrate the point and then discuss some of the supportive science. Case Study Dev (name changed) is a 45-year-old hard driving Silicon Valley executive who was referred to me for a consult after experiencing a heart attack.  I reviewed his chart before seeing him in the exam room and expected to


Why Saturated Fat Is Feared

Let me first start this post off with my disclaimer.  If you are inactive and already eating a diet high in excess carbohydrates, your are likely in constant fat storage mode due to excess levels of the hormone insulin.  In this case, eating liberal amounts of saturated fat is not healthy.  Please don’t use this post as an excuse to add a potentially fattening food to an already fattening diet.  If you’re eating lots of sugar, sweets, and even rice,


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