Calcium Doesn’t Prevent Osteoporosis and Improve Bone Health. Find Out What Does

Background Even if you’re not interested in bone health, I encourage you to read this entire article since it outlines a fatal conceptual flaw that physicians, scientists, nutritionists and the rest of the public keep getting sucked into which influences their health and nutrition decisions in a profoundly negative way.  I’m going to call this the fallacy of “Direct Translational Nutrition” or DTN.  We’ll come back to this concept of DTN after I introduce a case study. Also be sure


Serving Up Some Rice Advice

Intro Those of you who follow my blog and have read my book know my stance on rice already.  I’m not anti-rice and I personally consume rice conscientiously and strategically with great results. However, back when I had insulin resistance with significant metabolic syndrome, untethered rice intake would have made my health spiral further downward.  I no longer have these issues, so thoughtful rice intake has had no adverse consequences on my health and I enjoy rice more than ever.


Coconut Oil: A Scientific Review and Our Clinical Insights On Its Use

We get flooded with questions about coconut oil in the clinic.  Many folks have been raised to think coconut oil is the central culprit in the cast of dietary characters responsible for heart disease and chronic disease. Used sensibly, coconut oil can be a powerfully effective nutritional tool in our quest to improve body composition and reverse diseases.  Medical student, Nihaal Karnik  reviews the research behind coconut oil, and then our clinical dietician Prerna Uppal and I will share some


Are Your Batteries Low? It’s Time to Recharge with My Free E-book on Fatigue!

Get Your Energy Back! I was recently in the UK on sabbatical, working on my 2nd book when I received an e-mail from a patient that made me completely shift from writing my 2nd book to producing a free e-book.  An excerpt is below and I did change a few specifics, to keep it anonymous, including the name at the end.   Dear Dr. Sinha, I have diligently followed all of your lifestyle recommendations in the book and during our


An Exercise Our Asian and Indian Ancestors Used to Do That Burns Fat and Slows Down Aging

Origins of Squatting Squats originated in India and Asia, long before the age of furniture.  Squatting made life easier as it gave people the freedom to “sit” wherever they choose; have dinner without a table and chairs, play dice in the street, read a book or take a coffee break.  Aside from convenience, there are tremendous health benefits to squatting which I’ll review.  I’ve also included a special squat video filmed and produced by my kids, followed by some other

asian squat

Where’s Your Body Fat? A Look at Body Shapes and Health Risks Across Different Ethnic Groups-Indians, Asians, Caucasians, etc.

Background The global obesity crisis has traditionally been focused on body weight and body mass index (aka BMI) rather than body shape and composition.  Weight and BMI are blunt tools that can identify more obvious health risks, but unfortunately they miss the more subtle manifestations of dangerous and often hidden visceral adipose tissue (aka “VAT”). VAT, unlike subcutaneous adipose tissue (aka “SAT”), is actually quite hidden in particular ethnic groups like South Asians/Indians and East Asians.  These are typically folks


Can Good Nutrition Halt Cancer Growth?

  The following post is written by Prerna Uppal, MS, RD, CDE Background on Cancer My passion for wellness and disease prevention always inspired me to look for ways to live well, not just physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually too.  This desire to understand how we must use a holistic approach to be in optimal health, led me to question the cause of chronic diseases; As a registered dietitian, I naturally delved deeper into the science of foods and

grass-starting-to-grow 2

Protecting Your Children From the Dangers of Lead Poisoning

The following article is written by pediatrician, Dr. Shally Sinha and exposes the dangers of lead poisoning. Maggi Noodles and Lead Poisoning Cases in My Clinic You’ve probably heard that Maggi noodles, a staple food in nearly every Indian household, was recently found to contain lead.  Many Indian-American children in Boston were being diagnosed with lead poisoning and the FDSA (Food and Drug Safety Administration) took notice.  Scientists set out to find where the lead might be coming from, and


Watch My TEDx on Prescription Apps and Join Our Bay Area Meetup Group

My TEDx on Prescription Apps Sorry it took so long for me to post this. My first TEDx was a non-broadcast event (not online) back in 2013, in front of a bunch of execs and movers and shakers in the community, held at the Silicon Valley Capital Club in San Jose.  This time around I had a different audience.  Students and their parents at Monta Vista high school in Cupertino.  I was particularly interested in this audience since they are in


Does Heat and Sauna Use Help Burn Body Fat and Improve Health?

Introduction Many of us have ancestral roots from a tropical or subtropical region of the world, where sweating outdoors was a natural way of life. Now, due to modern life, we work indoors and even work out in temperature-controlled gyms. Our bodies have actually become more heat intolerant and this could be causing physiological and metabolic changes that prevent us from reaching the best possible health, body composition and fitness. In this post, we are going to take a closer


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