A Condensed Guide to My Book for Those With Little Time

FEEDBACK SO FAR I’ve had overwhelming feedback so far from book readers globally about the remarkable improvements in health they have experienced and how they have been inspired by the case studies which they connected with.  Despite the title, folks from all ethnic backgrounds (South Asian, East Asian, Western, etc.) have found the content useful.  My goal was not just to overwhelm readers with scientific and nutrition information, but to also tell stories that readers could connect to and gain


Healthy Plane and Travel Tips

Before I launch into this topic, I wanted to introduce someone who is a key part of my clinical team and the work I do.  It took me a while to find the right dietician to work with, but finally Prerna Uppal has been the one I’ve been searching for.  She has decades of experience as a registered dietician and a certified diabetes educator who has worked in the US and abroad in India, she co-hosts my weekly radio show


A Must Watch Video

Globesity Crisis Below is a must watch YouTube video on the global obesity (aka “Globesity”) crisis.  Four major obesity hot spots are covered: Mexico, China, Brazil and India.  I encourage you to watch the entire video so you understand the dire economic and commercial forces fueling this health crisis, and also ask you to share with your family abroad who tend to be oblivious to this world they are living in. In case you wish to watch in  segments, I


Stress Follow-Up: When Is A High Heart Rate Healthy vs Unhealthy?

High Heart Rate: When is it good and when is it unhealthy? I received a lot of questions regarding my last post (be sure to read and watch the video if you haven’t) where I talked about how to use heart rate to monitor stress, and a prior post I did for my medical group on heart rate.  Before I address some of the common questions and concerns, I want to clarify the abbreviations I’m using in this post: PNS: Parasympathetic


Using Your Phone and Heart Rate to Monitor Stress

Why Stress Matters It’s common to ignore stress since it is such a subjective measure compared to other familiar risk markers like blood pressure and cholesterol.  Many of you reading this blog may already have a regular stress-reducing practice like meditation in place, but today’s post is for those of us who might keep pushing stress reduction aside.  Most of us know what acute or severe stress feels like, like during an emergency or emotional crisis.  However, many of us

phone meditation

Nutrient Interactions, Red Meat, and “Dinobesity”?

Background Back from vacation and cramming for my 2nd TEDx (I’ll share the link when it’s ready in a few weeks), I decided to make up for lost blogging time with an extra long post for you to chew on.  I included a bonus section dedicated to my former dinosaur loving twin sons….they claim they’re not into them any more, but I’m in denial since I refuse to let them grow up.  It is a somewhat graphic, but memorable way


Parents…Save Our Children!

Introduction This post is a call to action to anyone responsible in some way for a child’s health (parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, nanny, teacher, etc.) and comes on the heels of our live children’s event this coming Sunday 3/15 from 2-5p. See here for details. The post below is excerpted from my book and was also featured in India Currents. We’ll cover more specific children’s topics in future posts like what to do with abnormal cholesterol in kids.  Shally (pediatrician

Cheerful Indian Teenager Boy and Girl Student with Mathematics P

How Do You Eat? A Key Factor in Optimal Nutrition

Digestion Under Stress I’ve talked a lot in my book and blog about the effects of stress on heart disease risk, sleep and obesity, but I want to focus in this post about the effects of stress on digestion (how well our body breaks down food) and nutrient absorption (how well our body absorbs nutrients from inside the intestine, so it’s delivered to our body’s cells).  Stress may be one of the most important barriers between the nutrients you are

Fast food break

Introducing our First “Healthy Hero”

Healthy Hero Series It’s time to start sharing some remarkable success stories from individuals who have read the book, follow the blog and/or have seen me in the clinic.  For those of you on the fence about whether you should adopt the SAHS (South Asian Health Solution) lifestyle, I hope hearing from some folks who have found success despite facing similar challenges to you will be inspiring.  Whether you are a sedentary, vegetarian engineer stuck in a cubicle all day


Prescription Food Series Debut: Introducing “Paleo Naan”

Background Before I talk about the highly anticipated Paleo Naan, let me give you a little background since this is the first post of my new prescription food series.  As a physician, I’ve spent a large part of my career writing prescriptions for drugs.  Unfortunately that was the primary weapon and skill I was equipped with during medical training.  I spent only a few weeks out of four years of medical school learning about nutrition and most of that was

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